Understanding Different Types of Sport Odds

There are several different types of sports odds. While they are almost all the same thing, they can be confusing when you first see each type or when you are trying to figure out how they relate to each other. Therefore, you need to spend some time understanding sports odds before you play sports betting games for money.

Sports odds are displayed according to different regions. The following three are the most common sports odds for bettors.

1. Decimal Odds

This is the most common odds, usually used in Asia and Europe. The example of decimal odds are 1.68, 2.78, and 4.56. The return calculation method of decimal odd is Stake times Odds (e.g. $10 x 1.68 = $16.80).

2. Fractional Odds

Fractional odds are often used in England and Ireland, and are usually used in horse racing. They look like 1/2, 6/5, and 5/8. Fractional odds are calculated in the same way as decimal odds.

3. American Odds

American odds are commonly used in American sports, so it is usually used in the United States and Canada. They look like -100, +150, and +240. The calculation of American odds is the same as decimal odds and fractional odds.

These types of sports odds allow you to switch back and forth between different online sports betting. If you already know the odds, then you can easily place your bets.

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