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What kind of product & services does micobo offer?
Is micobo a regulated financial institution?
What is an “enterprise tokenization solution”?
Why is micobo’s enterprise tokenization solution a “white-label”?
How can I get micobo’s enterprise tokenization solution?
How long does it take to set up micobo’s tokenization solution?
Does micobo offer marketing support?
Does micobo offer legal advisory?


What is DLT?
What is blockchain?
What are digital assets?
What is tokenization of assets?
What are security tokens?


Can we integrate micobo’s API?
How can I access micobo’s API documentation?
What blockchain protocol is being used by micobo?
What is the token standard used for smart contracts?
Are your smart contracts open-sourced?


What is an STO?
How long does it take to launch an STO?
What is the difference between an STO and crowdfunding?

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  • 60329 Frankfurt am Main
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